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Career Areas

Admin Support and Services

Administrative and Support Service teams are the key to organizing our clerical systems, providing support to managers, employees and customers all over the world.


Communications experts establish positive relationships with the public and mass media, solidifying our global reputation and building awareness for innovative developments.


Our Consultants build meaningful customer relationships through customized advisory services, allowing us to deliver the most advantageous product and service strategies.

Customer Support

In order to develop and maintain stronger client relationships, our Customer Support team act as a key point of contact monitoring inquiries and providing appropriate resolutions.


Data experts analyze and integrate complex, high-volume data from numerous sources, delivering smarter solutions that drive more informed business decisions.

Human Resources

Partnering with business management, our Human Resources team monitors trends and plans for long-term needs, integrating a variety of HR programs.

Information Technology

Our IT team is a single-source expert in providing customers with powerful insights and analytics to navigate some of the most highly-competitive sectors.


Our interns take part in completing real projects and bring an added energy to our organization. Spend the summer with us and you will leave with a variety of new skills and knowledge.


To launch and position our unique products and services, our Marketing mavens develop and implement winning pricing, marketing and media strategies.


This team combines their technical expertise and analytical skills to guide and mentor the client through trials and on-boarding all the way to end-services, data or products.

Product Development

Compiling information on the latest trends and enhancements in product development, this team designs impactful marketing strategies for an entire product lifecycle.


Leveraging their sharp analytical skills and specialized industry expertise, the Research team delivers data-rich insights, guiding clients in long-term decision-making.

Software Development

Our Software Engineers design, validate and develop unique manufacture-ready products for the market that elevate user-experience and functionality.


In this demanding industry, our Technology experts use their knowledge of the latest trends, providing deep insights that shape an entire ecosystem - from materials to end users.

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IHS Markit Industries

Academic / Education

IHS Markit supports world-class academic and educational practice across civilian, commercial and military spheres to help researchers, educators and trainers filter value from the noise of a constantly expanding information universe.

Aerospace, Defense & Security

With a legacy of over 100 years as Jane's, IHS Markit delivers renowned open-source intelligence and powerful analytical tools encompassing data on military equipment, technology, parts, standards and logistics. Our objective analysis, training and consulting covers defense markets, programs, budgets, risks and capabilities.


IHS Markit supports market and supply-chain strategies for agriculture and agriculture-related enterprises, including food manufacturing, procurement, banking and energy. You benefit from market data, forecasts and analyses, as well as standards, agricultural engineering practices, product data, regulatory information and sustainability solutions.


Automakers, suppliers and dealers rely on our 800+ auto experts spanning 14 countries to understand and take action on global and local opportunities, risk, regulation and the disruptive impact of technology and “big data.” With the acquisition of Polk in 2013, IHS Markit delivers un-paralleled data-driven solutions and services spanning the entire value chain, from concept design to sales, marketing and the aftermarket.


We help industry leaders make confident decisions in the face of market volatility, regulatory pressures, geopolitical risk and shifting end-user demand. Leverage data on economic and country risk, hydrocarbon and raw materials developments, supply- and distribution-chain management and environmental compliance.


Building material suppliers, construction equipment companies, architects and contractors can access accurate and timely data, analysis, research and insight into current and future market conditions and building requirements for the ever-changing construction industry.

Economics & Country Risk

Our cross-industry expertise helps you identify growth, plan accurately, navigate uncertainty, and build advantage. Better allocate resources, capitalize on change and build an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to risk with integrated solutions across your value chain.


Whether you need to identify the safest drilling location, value an oil asset, or weigh a solar array investment, IHS Energy has you covered. Our 600+ energy experts and 800+ geoscientists and engineers apply advanced analytics to proprietary data to offer insights into the entire energy value chain – from oil, gas, and coal in the ground to renewables to local gas stations and global power grids.

Engineering Standards, Reference and Tools

IHS Markit offers the world's first and only Engineering Intelligence solution. Designed for the engineering and technical professional, no other platform provides single-point access to essential technical knowledge that resides both inside and outside the organization, along with advanced discovery, problem-solving and decision-support.

Financial Markets

Around the world, bankers, asset managers, corporate finance professionals and insurers must calibrate their investment and lending decisions against a background of economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and interdependent industry dynamics. IHS Financial & Capital Markets assists you in strategic planning as well as optimizing your investment and loan portfolios with our award-winning economic forecasts and analysis.

Government and NGOs

From the local to the national level, governments face competing pressures to increase services, cut budgets, drive growth, and protect citizens from a growing spectrum of threats at home and abroad. They are joined by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which support agency personnel and program strategies as well as providing on-ground support.


IHS Markit supports insurance and reinsurance companies with market entry, risk selection, technical pricing, capacity allocation and investment management. Customers confidently develop market opportunities in new territories, perils and lines of business, and identify risks that offer optimum allocation of capital.

Life Sciences

IHS Markit helps maximize product pricing and reimbursement strategies, global footprint expansion, pipeline development, and sustainable operations for government, corporate and association clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We monitor policy shifts, patent expirations, corporate M&A, regulatory changes and therapeutic market developments.


Whether they build consumer products or industrial/capital goods, manufacturers must keep pace with rapidly changing technologies, materials and customer preferences. Producers across all industries face the complex challenges of tracking global economic trends and complying with engineering standards while maintaining profitability.

Maritime & Trade

With an information-gathering legacy of more than 250 years, IHS Markit intelligence and insight help you navigate the complex environment of seaborne trade. Resources include ownership data, live ship movements, risk profiles and intelligence tools for the maritime, security and energy-trading communities.

Media and Advertising

IHS Markit helps businesses navigate the shifting competitive environment for media content, development and distribution. We provide comprehensive tracking of markets, metrics and strategies via our detailed analysis, data and insights on content developers, hardware providers and channel operators across the whole of the global media landscape.


IHS Markit provides complete coverage of the global retail and consumer landscape, leveraging our expert analysis of demographic, socioeconomic and technology trends and our long-term forecasts of income distribution and consumer spend.


We reconcile data on supply and demand dynamics up and down the electronics industry value chain, including adjacent global, economic and market factors and the impact of drivers like cloud computing, “big data,” social-networking, data analytics and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.


Businesses rely on IHS Markit to help them respond to the strategies and business models of the leading mobile and telecom players. We can help you understand how value chains are evolving and the role of the many different players—including device OEMs, intellectual property holders, network operators and media companies.


Innovating & Investing.

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To remain competitive in this high-demand, rapidly changing industry, we invest in the smartest technology, platforms and people. We stay ahead of the curve by consolidating platforms, keeping an eye on what is trending, and making room for the next generation of products. From our Technology Focus Group (TFG) to major financial investments, we are reinvigorating innovation.


Global Volunteer Benefit

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Our colleagues are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. Since 2012, with 3 days of paid time off for volunteering, they have contributed more than 270,000 volunteer hours globally. We are committed to caring for our planet, strengthening communities, and advancing education.


Our vision

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Sustainability at IHS Markit is about having the best business practices, always with an eye to the future; delivering a thriving and inclusive environment that lets employees succeed and make a difference in the world; advancing environmental stewardship; and innovating to help our customers understand and address their ESG challenges. Learn more

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